Female Migrations

Dates / Fechas:Wednesdays July 10, 31,August 7 & 14, 2019 Place / Lugar:La Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society239 W 14th St New York,NY 10011Artists / Artistas:Karina Aguilera SkvirskyAmanda GutiérrezEsperanza MayobreSimone Couto Curators / Comisarios:Se habla español (SHE) Female Migrations is a program curated by Se habla español (SHE) that invites four Latin American artists who address

La poética entre abstracción y figuración. Arte español en los años 50 y 60

This exhibition includes works by various artists who, according to the history of traditional art, have been labelled under the canon of the categories of abstract and figurative art, and under the label of the “Realistas de Madrid” group and the “El Paso” group. Today they all form part of Spanish art history, in which they shared a certain social and political context, that of the post-war period and Spain’s isolation from the international environment. In this exhibition, as on few previous occasions, these artists and their works are shown in dialogue, and with proposals that occupy a graduation between the most experimental and avant-garde and the considered traditional art. Despite the apparent distance between them, common points and influences can be seen, which go beyond technique and concept, as they are united by true ties of friendship and even family.

The Doors of Perception

The Doors of Perception focuses on the visionary nature of art commonly known as outsider art, art brut, or self-taught art. The exhibition presents a large constellation of works made by exceptionally gifted artists from five continents, offering a panorama of art created on the margins of society.

As Benvidas, The Welcomes, Las bienvenidas

“The Welcomes” is an exhibition curated by James D. Fernández and Luis Argeo (authors of the book Invisible Immigrants: Spaniards in the US 1868-1945), who have spent almost ten years digitizing the family archives of descendants of Spaniards who emigrated to the US. In counterpoint with “The Goodbyes”, which highlights the sweet sorrow of partings, “The Welcomes” documents and celebrates the bitter joys of arrivals.

Desert X 2019

Desert X is produced by the desert biennial, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, conceived to produce recurring international contemporary art exhibitions that activate desert locations through site-specific installations by acclaimed international artists.

Breaking and Unveiling the Immigration Glossary of Severalty

Breaking and unveiling the immigration glossary of severalty was a participatory workshop organized by Se habla español. Severalty, a term commonly used to describe the separation of private property, is also used to indicate the condition of separation or distinction from one another. For the workshop SHE investigated the nature of immigrant identity and the language surrounding it in the context of U.S. contemporary culture and media by proposing a glossary of terms that many times entail exclusion.

Sex and the So-Called City

The Office for Political Innovation discusses the 20th anniversary of New York’s most influential archisocial manifesto: Sex and the City. This non-stop, ten-week summit stages the most relevant people, places, and processes that played a role in New York’s cultural shift of the last two decades.

The Map Is Not The Territory

The Map Is Not the Territory examines the construction of representation through socially and lawfully imposed, arbitrary boundaries. The aim is to interrogate discrepancies between reality and belief in response to the current ubiquitous use of non-sequiturs in the public arena. Conceived at the dawn of an unprecedented, divisive presidency, the exhibition upholds the spirit of resistance against misrepresentation and commandeering of identities in our history and contemporary culture.