Ext. 27 Kit Caníbal

Colectivo Kit Caníbal
Lorena Fernández Prieto,
Garazi Lara Icaza, Noelia Lecue Francia
Francisco Martínez Vélez,
Víctor Navero,
Gustavo Nieves,
Paola Pardo,
Daniel Sánchez Martínez

Marta Amorós Sánchez Ana Arias Ruiz,
Sinclair Castro,
Sandra García González,
Elisa González (Elienígena),
Yiju Iru,
Patricia Leguina,
Mario Núñez,
Aarón Sánchez Pérez, José Suárez Villaba.

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Ext. is a collection of fanzines about the activities carried out at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. These publications are part of the programs coordinated by the Vice-deanship of University Extension. The BBAA-UCM University Extension editing team is made up of Selina Blasco, Lila Insúa, Alejandro Simón, Ana Arias, and Alejandro Cinque.

Kit Caníbal Sesiones de debate [Discussion Sessions: Cannibal Kit] are weekly meetings that are open to any person interested in exposing their process and projects to dialogue with others. This initiative arises from the shared concern to create new spaces for conversation, from which to generate collective thinking and creation mechanisms adapted to the needs of the participants. It is proposed as a space for constructive reflection and criticism, where we can talk about how to generate and develop projects, and where we can nurture ourselves from the experience of the other.