Ext. 25 Media Mareatón

21st January, 2015

Antonio Morales,
Antonio Franco,
Javier Pérez,
Selina Blasco,
Alejandro Simón,
Lila Insúa,
Ícaro Maiterenea,
Noelia Lecue,
Patricia Leguina,
Lucía Senent,
Beatriz Álvarez,
María Gámez,
María Chacón,
Pablo Santiago,
Getse Valenzuela,
Lorena Fernández,
Gonzalo Fuentes,
Nuria Roncero,
Guiomar Campos,
Odi Álvarez

ISSN: 2255-243X
Depósito legal: M-41841-2012

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Ext. Is a collection of fanzines about the activities carried out at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid within the programs coordinated by the Vice-deanship of University Extension.

“The Fine Arts mediamareatón” began their meetings on January 15th in La Trasera. There we met a heterogeneous group of undergraduate and master students, alumni, teachers and librarians with one main objective: to prepare ourselves to run a little more than 21 kilometers, redoing the routes of the different tides.