Screening: Distancia

Screening: DISTANCIA is a collaboration between the collectives Ensayos and Se habla español. The program entails the projection of DISTANCIA, an ethno fictional web series set in Tierra del Fuego, Chile and a subsequent conversation that will address questions related to ethical bio-cultural practices, political ecology, and the issues in representing the landscape.

Performance As Repair

Letters, words, and sentences are used to build social contracts–tacit agreements that shape power relations on the public sphere. Language is not build in consensus, it is forged and configured by power, and more importantly, applied by it in the form of laws, discourses, and political statements. Performance as Repair, a program organized by Se habla español, explored the practice of two Latin American artists – Gina Goico and Iván Sikic. Both artists have researched language in combination with performance, as a way to address the broken social contracts in search of restoring agency, foster healing, and mending the social fabric.

Breaking and Unveiling the Immigration Glossary of Severalty

Breaking and unveiling the immigration glossary of severalty was a participatory workshop organized by Se habla español. Severalty, a term commonly used to describe the separation of private property, is also used to indicate the condition of separation or distinction from one another. For the workshop SHE investigated the nature of immigrant identity and the language surrounding it in the context of U.S. contemporary culture and media by proposing a glossary of terms that many times entail exclusion.