Female Migrations

Dates / Fechas:Wednesdays July 10, 31,August 7 & 14, 2019 Place / Lugar:La Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society239 W 14th St New York,NY 10011Artists / Artistas:Karina Aguilera SkvirskyAmanda GutiérrezEsperanza MayobreSimone Couto Curators / Comisarios:Se habla español (SHE) Female Migrations is a program curated by Se habla español (SHE) that invites four Latin American artists who address

As Benvidas, The Welcomes, Las bienvenidas

“The Welcomes” is an exhibition curated by James D. Fernández and Luis Argeo (authors of the book Invisible Immigrants: Spaniards in the US 1868-1945), who have spent almost ten years digitizing the family archives of descendants of Spaniards who emigrated to the US. In counterpoint with “The Goodbyes”, which highlights the sweet sorrow of partings, “The Welcomes” documents and celebrates the bitter joys of arrivals.


Vessels, is an exhibition by the artists Ignacio Serrano, and Xiao Hua Yang, that showcases an installation about migration that explores the idea of human beings as receptacles transporting cultural backgrounds across the world.

Nature Visions

Nature Visions explores the alternatives to contemporary perception. When human vision loses importance and is replaced by filtering, decoding, zippering, and pattern recognition, nature vision becomes the utopian perspective to reality.

La Nacional Gallery

Artists:Raul ValverdeMariana CotCarlos Blanco ArteroAntón EguigurrenJoshua DewaneMaría HigueroMaría Perceval Graells Curator:Noelia Lecue Francia Executive Director:Robert Sanfiz More info:La Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society La Nacional Gallery La Nacional Gallery is a cultural project that I started in 2016 with the intention of bringing back the attention to the artistic, social and historical importance of La